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Foundation Leak Repair

Foundation leak repair is vital to preventing serious damage from occurring to your home, and we offer top quality service for less than any other foundation repair company in the area. If you’re looking to fix any foundation problems your home has, without being oversold, give us a call!

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Foundation Leak Repair Company

Leaks in your foundation can cause major problems for your home and your belongings. When your home was initially built, its foundation was likely waterproofed with tar or a similar substance; however after years of being next to moist soil, it starts to get less effective. Now there may be cracks that are allowing water to enter your basement, which are only making your foundation worse and worse, not to mention the water damage it could cause to your belongings in your basement.

With foundation leak repair, we will be ensuring that your foundation stays secure for years to come, actually for the life of your home, and that your belongings and your property are no longer at risk. Our residential foundation repair specialists will find any and all cracks and leaks before giving you an estimate of what the job will take.

Our staff explain the problems and how the procedure will go to you in layman’s terms, as we know you aren’t a foundation repair contractor. We’ll lay out exactly what the issues are and how we will resolve them, and give you an affordable quote -- lower than the competition’s. Once you’ve looked it over and consider us the most fair and valuable foundation leak repair service around, our staff will get to work for you.

Depending on what the problem is and where it is, we’ll come up with a customized solution to handle those exact points. We never provide a single, broad solution for any scenario; we will do a full inspection of your property and see what its exact weaknesses are before recommending our preferred course of action for your home’s legitimate problems.

Leaking Foundation RepairOne way we have earned such a great reputation, and so much repeat business from our clients, is that we never sell you more than you actually need. If all you’ve got is a couple of cracks in your foundation, then we’ll do foundation leak repair on just that! If later you decide that you want to waterproof your basement, we’re here for you and will do that job, too. Our staff are upfront about the issues your property has -- and doesn’t -- and won’t try to rope you into something you don’t really need.

Because of this method of operating, we tend to keep our prices much lower than the competition, although we offer the same quality service you’d get from any premium waterproofing service. If you’re looking for foundation repair contractors, we aim to be the company you call in any situation. If you’ve got a serious leak, you can call us around the clock, we’ll always answer and be there for you quickly.

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We provide foundation leak repair in Cincinnati, Dayton, and the nearby cities.

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