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Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete foundation repair is a service we are known for providing quickly, effectively and affordably. As professional foundation repair contractors, we can fix any problem, large or small, and we have the best rates in the area. Call for a free estimate!

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Concrete Foundation Repair Company

In addition to residential foundation repair, we can also fix any cracks or leaks in foundations on all types of properties. If your basement is leaking, or there is evidence of damage to your foundation, we are the company for you!

With over three decades in the business and an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can see that we know what we are doing when it comes to concrete foundation repair, and that we do it well. No matter the size or scope of the damage to your foundation, our specialists will be able to repair it rapidly and to last. Our work is backed by some of the best warranties in the business, and depending on the size and extent of the crack, we will offer a warranty ranging between three years and the life of the structure!

Home Foundation Repair

Some of the most common concrete foundation repair we provide on homes are the following:

Inside crack repair -- for smaller cracks on the interior of your foundation, the fix is generally simple. One of our concrete foundation repair specialists will inject a two-part epoxy into the cracks to seal them back up, and that should be it! Our waterproofing service will back these repairs with a warranty between 3 and 10 years, depending on the crack. Call to get a free estimate!

Outside crack repair -- if you’ve got a crack in the exterior of your foundation, the process is a little more complex. Our home foundation repair contractors will have to dig up the crack all the way down to the base of the foundation (the footing). Our technicians will then dry and clean the wall before repairing the crack.

Stop Foundation LeaksAfter that, we’ll apply a layer of tar, install plastic over that, then tar the plastic, and then put a heavier plastic overtop of that tar. We’ll secure it carefully to the wall and then replace the soil, ensuring it’s fully tamped so it doesn’t settle much later, and lay down grass seed and straw to finish off the area. We don’t skip any steps to ensure that your home is fully protected against foundation leaks and cracks, and we back our outside foundation crack repair with a lifetime warranty, good for the life of the structure.

When you need concrete foundation repair contractors, we urge you to give us a call. One visit will show you how our team is different from the rest; there is no salesman, and no pressure, and our high-quality work and low prices seal the deal!

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We provide concrete foundation repair in Cincinnati, Dayton, and the surrounding cities.

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