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Bowed Basement Wall Repair

If you’ve noticed a basement wall buckling or caving in, call us for bowed basement wall repair. We have methods of fixing your basement walls that don’t require replacing your entire foundation, which can be done for much less money, with great results. Call now for your free estimate!

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Bowed Basement Wall Repair Service

As a leading bowed basement wall repair company, we have the knowledge, the skills, the experience, and all of the equipment necessary to find the best solution for your particular problem and fix it permanently. When you have amounted enough damage to your home’s structure that the basement walls begin to cave in, you need to take action fast. That is cumulative damage that didn’t happen overnight, but it likely means that your walls can’t take much more pressure and need to be reinforced ASAP.

Our bowed basement wall repair specialists will do an inspection of your property to find where the problem is coming from and find the best way to handle it. More often than not, we’ll rely on reinforcements from steel beams to hold up your basement walls and give them the additional support they need to continue functioning.

This process involves digging outside the affected wall, all the way down to the bottom of the foundation (its footing) and cleaning this area thoroughly. We’ll then use floor jacks to raise the house slightly to take some of the weight off of the trouble wall. At this point our foundation repair specialists will use special brackets to install a steel beam that will be bolted to both the footing of the foundation and the joists above. We will then re-pour concrete overtop of the new beam to fully cement it in place and the job will be done!

Fix Bowed WallsWhen you are looking for residential foundation repair contractors to handle the bowed basement wall repair on your property, we urge you to give us one call. Our down to earth and upfront inspections and estimates will show you that we are the real deal; there is no sales talk, no gimmicks, and no additional fees or charges. We aim to resolve the exact problems your building has; nothing more, nothing less. That way we can keep our prices low for you, and if in the future you want to receive other waterproofing services, we hope you will think of us first!

With over 30 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about bowed basement wall repair, and we strive to do a perfect job every single time. If you notice a problem with your basement walls or the foundation, contact us right away. We answer our phones around the clock and will recommend the best course of action for you, not for us!

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We provide bowed basement wall repair in Cincinnati, Dayton, and the nearby areas.

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