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Residential Foundation Repair

We provide residential foundation repair to those homes that have leaks or dampness in their basement. If you notice cracks, pooling water, or other signs of wetness in your basement, give us a call. Our basement waterproofers will meet with you to work up a custom solution that resolves the problem for a fair price. Schedule your free estimate today!

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Residential Foundation Repair Company

As a leading residential foundation repair company, we offer all types of service you may need, including:

If you’ve noticed a crack in your foundation, usually evidenced by leaks in your basement, or dampness, mold, etc., give us a call. One of our basement waterproofers will come out to inspect your property and show you, in layman’s terms, how we can fix it.

Concrete Foundation Repair

One of the most common services we offer is concrete foundation repair. When the concrete in your home’s foundation was initially laid down, it was more than likely waterproofed with tar, or a similar sealant. The constant exposure to soggy soil and other forms of moisture around the concrete foundation has a tendency to lessen the effectiveness of its moisture barrier, and it has since stopped doing its job.

Our residential foundation repair specialists will do a full inspection of your home’s interior and exterior to locate the source of the problem before giving you a customized approach to its particular needs. We won’t try to force you into anything, but will simply lay out the solution we recommend and explain to you how it would work, and give you a free estimate on it. We certainly hope you find it fair, as we are known to have the very best prices in the industry!

Cracked Foundations CincinnatiWith over three decades of experience under our belts, our residential foundation repair company is fully equipped to handle any of your foundation repairs. We have worked hard to earn and maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and thanks to our hard-working specialists, and the high level of integrity that we stick to on every single job we do, we are quickly becoming known as the foundation repair company to go to for any waterproofing services you need.

We have a policy to never sell our customers a service they don’t need. We work with you to find the exact source of the problem your building is having, and repair that exact situation, not try to sell you on redoing the whole thing! Because of this, and the fact that we don’t have salespeople on our team -- you deal directly with the owner from start to finish -- we are able to keep our prices low and extremely competitive. We hope that you are quick to see the value we bring to the table when looking for residential foundation repair. Call and set up your free estimate, and let us show you how we can help!

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We offer residential foundation repair in Cincinnati, Dayton, and the surrounding areas.

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